Kiba's snowy romp...

I took a few movies of Kiba while hiking on a snowy trail in Grand Island yesterday. The poor dog has been waiting ALL WINTER for a little snow to play in. We only got a few inches but it was enough to make him happy.

So here is proof that you ~can~ let a smart, somewhat obedient husky off leash. Though if there are other dogs around to play with, forget it.

Also, I never realized; I call my dog back to me the same way Kate Winslett calls for help when she's drowning after the Titanic sinks. Right down to the weak whistle. Unintentional and totally hilarious. "come back...come back".

This last one is super short but cute. At the end of the trail is a marsh with a mound and a snowy overlook (great place to watch migrating birds). Kiba loves to run up there and run back, because there's a big log perfect for jumping over.

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Finally, winter.

It's been one weird winter so far this year. We've had five inches of snow all season. Five! Normally by now we should have had more like fifty.

Well, we finally got some snow today. Yesterday I actually had to throw extra mulch on my garden, to protect all the bulbs that were sprouting. No one who lives as far north as I do should be mulching their garden in January. :/

It will be more enjoyable when the wind dies down (gusting over 50mph out there), and then Kiba and I can go for a nice wintry hike in the woods...something I have had to avoid so far due to excessive mud.

Meanwhile, last night at 2am as I was finishing carving on some mask orders, I was struck by SUCH an awesome idea for a mask design that I had to drop everything and go online to buy the materials I need to build it. It was so maddening to not be able to actually start making it. Like an itch you can't scratch. Gah. It is killing me not to talk about it, but I'm so tired of having ideas usurped that I think I'll wait until I finish it to share. It is going to be very very cool...that's all I can say.

Goldfish Salvation

Everyone, take a Zen break and look at this amazing video. It has to be seen to be believed. I love this man. I think we are probably very similar people. He's found a new way to paint goldfish and I just...every time I watch it, it makes me cry a little. So beautiful.
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Operation "Raise The Bar" going swimmingly...

I've been knocking myself out, making these augmented mixed-media far it's being a smashing success.  The cat below is still in my shop but drawing hits and visits every day.

The funny thing about raising the bar; it creeps into other aspects of my maskmaking. 
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So far, every single Steampunk "critter" mask I've made has gone viral on DevArt, almost within an hour of posting it.  I have almost 7,000 hits on "Draco" and it was never a Daily Deviation.  I've had over 4 million impressions on that design since Thursday.  All this free publicity can't be bad.

Taking things to the next level, here. 

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Neiges perfume photo shoot

This is so cool. Remember back in June, I was talking about an interesting opportunity? This is it. Lise Watier Cosmetiques used my wolf masks for a Neiges perfume ad campaign. Here are some behind the scenes videos of the shoot, which happened in Toronto.

The production company contacted me on a Tuesday, the shoot was on Saturday, and I had all four white Direwolf masks finished and delivered by Friday. It was intense and pretty cool!

It's so neat to see those beautiful people wearing my masks on a set. :)
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Steampunk Wolf...

I'm calling it "All The Better To See You With".

Having waaaaay too much fun with this theme.  :)  Just like real wolves, I am intending to do many different color/marking/design/goggle versions of this mask, so this is only "version 1" of several to follow.

I'm getting good with fittings and customization.

I found a place on Etsy that sells cogs and gears and stuff, which are perfect for decorations...

...I just ordered some cogs in stainless steel, so I can do silver and pewter-toned stuff too (all I have right now is brass).  Also getting some lenses in amber, green, and blue.  I think a cat with a green goggle eye would be totally cool.

Currently working on a Steampunk dragon (which promises to be epic) and a Steampunk tentacle-like-mask.  Would someone tell me why tentacles are so huge lately, and why they go with Steampunk?  Is it a Victorian era horror thing, like Poe and Lovecraft?  That's my best guess.

Anyway I'm pandering to the market (and having fun playing), so, tentacles ahoy.
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Cog-monocle Steampunk Foxes

Been so busy!  Christmas was a nice affair this year and I bought great gifts for everyone (which means I win!), but my new Steampunk goggle-mask project is so much fun that I've been compelled to MAKE STUFF at a perhaps unhealthy rate.  No matter; this "figuring it out" phase is the most fun and I think my enthusiasm can be forgiven. 

I made this fox last week...

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So I'm busy playing with new mask designs and ideas.  How cool would a CogMonocle Steampunk Raven be, for example?  ;)
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Fun with goggles!

Okay, so I've been collecting some old antique Bakelite goggles and they're SO much fun to play with.

Initially I was buying them for use in my new steampunk mask designs, but I was so impressed by the design and sturdiness that it seems a shame to break up the pairs for use on a mask.  They're antiques and they shouldn't be messed with (in fact I'm keeping that pair I'm wearing above...they are just SO darn cute.  I'm getting some brown tinted prescription lenses fitted for them, replacing the strap, and just keeping them because they are awesome).

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So I'm having a bit too much fun with my goggles (old and new) lately.  :)
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Industry, science and technology!

Whew...I haven't updated in quite a while.  I've been so busy finishing holiday orders for customers and getting ready to start making some new designs.  Here's my first installment, as far as really NEW stuff goes:

...well, new and old at the same time.  I'm doing mixed media; incorporating vintage goggles with my steampunk masks.

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So!  That's my newest idea.  :)  Halfgear is my sister's Christmas present (she loves steampunk so she's going to totally flip when she sees them).
Fullsteam and Halfsteam are available in my shop right now (just click the pics for links).
Fullsteam Vintage Goggle Edition.

HalfSteam Half-Goggle Edition.


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Boo! :(

Waah!  We were supposed to get a whack of lake snow.  Instead we got about two inches of mushy slush...just enough to squish all my pretty ornamental grasses flat.  Yuck.  I went out and bought all kinds of lights for the front of the house and now I'm afraid to turn them on, because of all the wet.  :/  I want to slap my weatherman for getting my hopes up.

Also, did you guys know there's a new Three Stooges movie that's about to be released?  I'm horrified.  The cast of "Jersey Shore" makes an appearance, if that helps you wrap your minds around the hellishness of this movie.  That sound you hear is my inner child sobbing.   Some things need to be left the heck alone, Hollywood.
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