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Merimask's Ball Of Wax
(Or, "how I've found yet another way to spend more quality time with myself"
January 13th, 2012 
It's been one weird winter so far this year. We've had five inches of snow all season. Five! Normally by now we should have had more like fifty.

Well, we finally got some snow today. Yesterday I actually had to throw extra mulch on my garden, to protect all the bulbs that were sprouting. No one who lives as far north as I do should be mulching their garden in January. :/

It will be more enjoyable when the wind dies down (gusting over 50mph out there), and then Kiba and I can go for a nice wintry hike in the woods...something I have had to avoid so far due to excessive mud.

Meanwhile, last night at 2am as I was finishing carving on some mask orders, I was struck by SUCH an awesome idea for a mask design that I had to drop everything and go online to buy the materials I need to build it. It was so maddening to not be able to actually start making it. Like an itch you can't scratch. Gah. It is killing me not to talk about it, but I'm so tired of having ideas usurped that I think I'll wait until I finish it to share. It is going to be very very cool...that's all I can say.
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